Frenzied Firebat Saturday event's replays (Starcraft 2 replays)

Warning : Due to Starcraft 2's setup, many replays on non-melee games might not viewable due to lacking the required map version (that cannot be provided yet).

Most of the replays have AVI videos recorded of them there :

The Extra Packs are often additional non-FFS replays if you want to view more.

How to view the replays
On Windows XP, you need to extract them in the following path (can be slightly different) :
C:\Documents and Settings\Somebody\My Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\**Some number**\**Some code**\Replays\Multiplayer

On Windows Vista or Windows 7, the path is slightly different but all point to going into My Documents in the end.

Final Note : Yes, I am aware that some FFS replays are missing but often they are the custom games that requires a map anyway.

FFS WeekReplay PackExtra Pack
Week 5 Replays Extra replays
Week 4 Replays Extra replays
Week 3 Replays Extra replays
Week 2 Replays Other replays
Week 1 Replays Other replays