Satyr Saturday event's replays (Warcraft 3 replays)

The replays below are compatible with Warcraft 3 v1.24, v1.24a and v1.24b.
Important : While they can be opened in v1.24c, they won't work properly.

Quick Guide How to make the below replays works :
1) Download all the files (except week info) of a specific week
2) Extract the week's replays to your Warcraft 3 replays folder
3) Extract the week's download maps to your Warcraft 3 maps download folder (replays are map-dependant)
4) Extract the week's good maps to a folder called "Good Maps" of your Warcraft 3 maps folder (ex: Maps\Good Maps\)
5) ALSO extract the week's good maps to your Warcraft 3 maps download folder
Note : If there is "None", it means there is no files.

You can see this pre-made FAQ to answer the various possible questions you might have. Includes questions regarding the replays, the Satyr Saturday event and the LLDN clan.
EDIT : Pre-made FAQ updated on January 29, 2009.

SS WeekWeek InfoReplay PackDownload MapsGood MapsMP3 Conversations
241 Week 241 Replays 241 DL Maps 241 None Available
240 Week 240 Replays 240 DL Maps 240 None Available
239 Week 239 Replays 239 DL Maps 239 None Available
238 Week 238 Replays 238 DL Maps 238 None Available
237 Week 237 Replays 237 DL Maps 237 None Available
236 Week 236 Replays 236 DL Maps 236 None Available
235 Week 235 Replays 235 DL Maps 235 None Available
Phoenix Phriday event became dead, Satyr Saturday event is the only remaining one out of those two.
234 PP/SS Week 234 Replays 234 DL Maps 234 None PP SS
233 PP/SS Week 233 Replays 233 DL Maps 233 None PP SS
232 SS (not PP) Week 232 Replays 232 DL Maps 232 None PP SS
231 PP/SS Week 231 Replays 231 DL Maps 231 None PP SS
230 PP (not SS) Week 230 Replays 230 DL Maps 230 None PP SS
229 PP/SS Week 229 Replays 229 DL Maps 229 None PP SS
228 PP/SS Week 228 Replays 228 DL Maps 228 None PP SS
227 PP/SS Week 227 Replays 227 DL Maps 227 None PP SS
226 PP/SS Week 226 Replays 226 DL Maps 226 None PP SS
225 PP/SS Week 225 Replays 225 DL Maps 225 None PP SS

Special Note : Weeks 205 to 224 replays were shifted to the old replays section below since Warcraft 3 patched from v1.23 to v1.24 and are incompatible with v1.24.

Older Satyr Saturday replays (TFT v1.23 and below)
If you are looking to download over 2000 older replays (which requires downgrading to older versions of Warcraft 3), you can access the page via the link above.

Individual SS weeks for TFT v1.23
The page to download individual SS weeks for v1.23 (along with conversations) will be still accessible.