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Game 1 - Maps\Download\Beyond the Throne (00:38:07)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Ricky_Honejasi (O)ShadowFlare_SFR (O),
Team 2 : Quantum_Menace (H), Sylphied (H),

[All]Quantum_Menace:-ally blue
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:it's ffa
[All]Sylphied:to do 2v3? lol
[All]Quantum_Menace:nice terrain
[All]Sylphied:er, no gnomish inventor or mage thingy?
[All]Quantum_Menace:hmm, i got a permanent phoenix-attack-model dummy unit, probably from h
ammer of thor
[Referees]Ricky_Honejasi:unfortunaly, I prefer you dead

Game 2 - Maps\Download\TGSRevised0.36.w3x (00:16:38)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Quantum_Menace (H), Kam_Ghostseer (H), Computer Difficult (H)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (O), Sylphied (O), Computer Difficult (O)

[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:polly :p
[All]Quantum_Menace:stupid footman ks'd the tower >:(
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:150 less gold for you! :p
[All]Quantum_Menace:no it are impossible
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:the chase
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and died horribly
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:nice tower blowup laconius :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:well I hope SF doesn't drop
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:the hell?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so server-split or lack of connection on my side

Game 3 - Maps\Download\TGSRevised0.36.w3x (01:11:43)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Computer Difficult (H), Kam_Ghostseer (H), ShadowFlare_SFR (H)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (O), Sylphied (O), HUNTER_KILLERS (O), Computer Difficult (O)

[Allies]HUNTER_KILLERS:because hes a fucking coon
[All]Kam_Ghostseer:orc units ar op
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:btw kam uses wind walk
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:BEARS OF MEGA DOOM!
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:coming for bottom
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:ill really need any kind of cheap stun
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:probably cluster rockets
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:or forst missile might be better
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:300 dmg + 5 sec stun
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:yeah picking frost missile
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:-unlearn frost missile
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:well gg at this point

Game 4 - Maps\Download\Castle_Fight_v1.14b_post124.w3x (01:52:20)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Q= (N), Quantum_Menace (N)
Team 2 : Sylphied (U), HUNTER_KILLERS (U), MUCKY (U)

[All]Q=:so which one it was already mucky?
[All]Q=:so the mode we played last time
[Allies]Q=:for the mode*
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:no taxes income 5 sec?
[All]Q=:for the mode*
[All]MUCKY:hold on
[All]MUCKY:-rr5 -nt -nrs...
[All]Quantum_Menace:-it5 for income
[All]MUCKY:-rr5 -nt -nrs -ns -it5
[All]MUCKY:not -ns
[All]Quantum_Menace:not no rescue strike
[All]MUCKY:ok fine
[All]Q=:so ...
[All]Q=:which one finally? :p
[All]Q=:final line
[All]Q=:to try to not screw it up
[All]MUCKY:-rr5 -nt -na -it5
[All]Q=:-rr5 -nt -na -it5
[All]MUCKY:no rescue strike was good practice for saving strikes imo
[All]Q=:heh, there is rescue strike on heh
[All]Q=:insane gold gains? :p
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:stupid heal
[Allies]Q=:rescue :p
[Allies]Q=:a bit too late :p
[Allies]Q=:lost a building
[Allies]Q=:we badly need a counter
[Allies]Q=:vs dragons
[Allies]Q=:else we die horribly
[Allies]Q=:can't build towers either
[All]Q=:mass dragons can be quite evil
[All]Q=:for no good reason
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:rs soon
[Allies]Q=:holy shit they got a LOT of income
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:this sucks
[Allies]Q=:so the battle of super cpus rages on
[All]MUCKY:i had 40k
[All]HUNTER_KILLERS:i had like
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:need chaos bottom
[Allies]Q=:can't make chaos
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:wtf you guys have no treasure boxes
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:ricky we need dhawks in mid
[Allies]Q=:on it
[Allies]Q=:cpu can't keep up
[Allies]Q=:slideshow of every 2 secs
[Allies]Q=:buy double and quad dmg
[Allies]Q=:can't do a bit
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:ill get shrooms
[All]Quantum_Menace:i had six stasiseseseses
[All]MUCKY:i had five erasers
[All]Q=:meh putting on overdrive on my video card, tired of being
[All]Quantum_Menace:unfortunately mass eraser doesnt seem to work as well as expected
[All]Q=:oh shit
[All]HUNTER_KILLERS:it was like everything we had was stunned for all but 2-3 seconds
[All]Quantum_Menace:seems to pick a random type instead of the type of a random enemy (whic
h would have favored more numerous enemy types)
[All]Q=:can't do a thing since my cpu "tries to keep up"
[All]Q=:I do see like 180 frames a sec
[All]Q=:back to normal
[Allies]Q=:sorry, video card was hardcore failing
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:mushroom up
[Allies]Q=:so I actived my video card's overdrive
[Allies]Q=:let's see how well it will fare
[Allies]Q=:nah, graphical obviously
[Allies]Q=:thus gpu
[Allies]Q=:or I think to the worst
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:need backup
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:build treasure boxes sooner guys
[Allies]Q=:in my case it doesn't help that much since that's when more or less whe
n the slideshow will start in like 2 minutes later
[Allies]Q=:maybe it will be different with the overdrive
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:all my mushrooms are wobbling with nothing to shoot
[Allies]Q=:I see
[Allies]Q=:used mine
[Allies]Q=:well making gyros was probably the worst idea ever in my case
[Allies]Q=:didn't consider that the queeens could nova them so easily
[All]Quantum_Menace:my team refuses to build treasure boxes until its too late :P
[All]Sylphied:I'd blame it on your excellently timed rescue strikes.
[All]Q=:didn't notice the mushrooms either
[Allies]Q=:meh mecha again
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:crap they have ice again
[Allies]Q=:pew pew'ing
[Allies]Q=:got legendary golems
[Allies]Q=:for bottom
[Allies]Q=:lots of queen on top
[Allies]Q=:ill need to make a legendary golem on top too eventually
[Allies]Q=:rescue there soon
[Allies]Q=:made some red shield generators
[All]Quantum_Menace:dammit tsunami doesnt hit air either
[All]Q=:pretty much
[Allies]Q=:not sure heh