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Game 1 - Melee 4v1 on Maps\Download\Enfos_MT_V190c.w3x (00:43:52)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Ricky_Honejasi (Ra), Computer Difficult (U),
Team 2 : Computer Difficult (U)

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:-random -vote
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:go on front SF :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh that's new of the trader
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:the trader shop
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I always played that unlegit version btw :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:mucky don't forget your spellbringer :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh right, weaponsmith is aoe
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:by nature
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh yeah
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:detection :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:trying to forge
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:quickest in and out ever from laconius
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:gah no aoe stun
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:and death at worst times too? :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh god stunner
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh shit
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:worst miss ever
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:oh well back to channel to get laconius

Game 2 - Maps\Download\Castle_Fight_v1.14b_post124.w3x (00:36:58)

Team 1 : иш (Ra), MUCKY (N)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (U), ShadowFlare_SFR (U)

[All]MUCKY:-rr5 -na -it10 -ht
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:the big problem with MMORPG is often "having to keep up" with other fri
ends. :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:ill bite this time
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:it feels GOOD :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so rehost for bill?
[All]MUCKY:after round
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:Make some type of attacking special to counter.
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:I can't keep up with how many they have.
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:Tentacles or the well of pain.
[All]MUCKY:nuke city 2011
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:lol, too bad one of us wasn't the machine builder.
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:For the shield
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:btw, drop production
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:we are feeding them
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:they dropped theirs
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:odd situation isn't it mucky?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:stopping wells for now
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:to mass auto-cast later
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:this is going to be messy later
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:laconius is pretty much feeding you right now
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:ok, let's try again now.
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:mass let them out?
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:I made a golden shrine.
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:So our odds of surviving are higher.
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:Going to speed them up, too.
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:hmm, I need a second golden shrine, maybe.
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:made legendary building
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:Trade lanes with me for a bit.
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:Just to even out our unit types a bit.
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:I'm going to make healers for you, but I don't want to leave the top em
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:Just want to be able to match numbers still.
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:probably should have bought double damage :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh well
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:back to channel after to get dread

Game 3 - Maps\Download\Battleships Crossfire4.40.w3x (02:16:38)

Team 1 : иш (Ra), Ricky_Honejasi (N), Computer Difficult (N), MUCKY (N)
Team 2 : BilltheEmu (N), DreadRx (N), ShadowFlare_SFR (N), Quantum_Menace (N), Computer Difficult (N)

[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh you are trader?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:ill go long range this time
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:so which skills you intend to pick mucky?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:btw do check ship's armors and such
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:last game Q went "Ricky cheap" and mass upgraded their armor
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:along being a aoe healer ship
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:it's imperial alright
[All]MUCKY:yall been flame#%$#$iked
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:the hell?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:someone ... just someone explains to me how the "goblin alliance" kille
d Q
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I think Q is a trader
[All]MUCKY:yall been flame$$$$$triked
[Allies]MUCKY:-start cam
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:heh, thought the flame strikes effects were over
[All]MUCKY:jesus christ he's shooting diplomas
[All]BilltheEmu:Wasn't paying attention
[All]MUCKY:thats u
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:nice hiding spot mucky
[Allies]MUCKY:this is why i always go turtle
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:do you remember where's detectiom mucky?
[Allies]MUCKY:i think?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:going to check
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:probably Q trading
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:going to get interceptor
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:or bombardier
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:mostly picked it up for flare vs Q
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:costs like 1.5k if I remember well
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:you need 2x yellow and 2x green as prerequiste
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:extreme ownage
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I think Q is there
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:it shot on the right side for some reason
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:btw I got flare
[All]ShadowFlare_SFR:I'm the lizard archivist.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:nice attempt
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:so where's rocket packs already?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:wasn't even looking
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:btw, if you notice the rocket pack item somewhere
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:tell me asap
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:trying to find it
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I got 5k gold to use for them
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:meh getting goblin sail
[Allies]MUCKY:flare plz
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:dammit still trying to find the rocket paks
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:need them for ownage
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:out of luck again
[Allies]MUCKY:try there ricky
[Allies]MUCKY:oh no wait
[Allies]MUCKY:they're right there
[Allies]MUCKY:weapon inventory
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh gosh
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I was looking by icon
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:and they DON'T look like damn rocketpacks
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:equipment merch
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:there is goblin sail
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:if you want those at like 3-5k
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:goblin sail is decent at 1.3k
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:at home base
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:they are upgrading armor
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:initialiting anti-gay measures
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:getting ship armor upgrades
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:their new ship got aoe skill
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:the missile shark ship
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:2 aoe skills btw
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:just saw Q
[Allies]MUCKY:why are you able to target allies with that
[Allies]MUCKY:just got a buttton of health
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:damn missile shots
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:ill probably switch to vikings' revenge eventually
[All]MUCKY:yo get this friggin beastmaster off my ship
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:bill backdoored me
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:and deep behind aswell
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:btw laconius got 1000 for my viking? :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:as well it's work, I don't care :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:it works*
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:tried to finish off dread
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:okay this is getting bad when I am the long shooter and I am getting mo
re deaths than kills :p
[All]MUCKY:it was worth it
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:got a spy on me
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:the bastards
[Allies]MUCKY:oh man this is big money right here
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:dual rocket packs
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:for EXTREME OWNAGE
[Allies]MUCKY:i think it's time i bought the diamond hull
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:thks btw
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:it;s fine
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I need to upgrade first sorry :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:so I got a rocket battery
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:ok we can try
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:aim for towers
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:their top cannons really need to go out
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:useless when super aoe skills in play
[Allies]MUCKY:i need fucken guns
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:a so well timed aoe
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:that also scrapped 75% of our big ships' hp afterwards
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:can kill towert quickly
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:getting tower repair
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:try to hold the left towers
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:he should have sold his stuff
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:time to get better styff
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:getting more packs
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:another rocket pack
[All]DreadRx:*shifts eyes*
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:damn it
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:didn't thought SF could go on ground until I noticed it way too late
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:and all those ships for nothing
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:meh I might just switch to frigate instead for aoe
[All]MUCKY:nice GOLD hull bill
[All]MUCKY:too bad it isn't as good as my DIAMOND hull
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:yeah I know
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I think I am lacking speed
[Allies]MUCKY:bill has more dps than me
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:Q feeds well
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:wonder if there is a super ship with flare and possibly aoe ...
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:at this point ill need it
[Allies]MUCKY:check there
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I think the sub might have been a bad idea :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:but anyway
[All]BilltheEmu:lol Red October
[All]DreadRx:I gotta run. Take care. :)
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:bill got a spy
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:well then, ill need to get another rocket battery
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:rush bill, he's on our towers
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:too late :p
[Allies]MUCKY:towers schmowers
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:time to get better weapons
[All]MUCKY:yall been flame$$$triked
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:dual rocket batteries
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:pretty much the ultimate long-range weapons
[All]MUCKY:i flame$$$triked myself
[All]Quantum_Menace:how did i get 31k
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:HACKS :p
[Allies]MUCKY:im dead
[Allies]MUCKY:dont go
[Allies]MUCKY:you'll die
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:sorry :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so used we go in hot pursuit
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:so even Q is getting in the battle?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:and he got a black ship
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I guess as well get diamond hull at this point
[All]MUCKY:yall been flame$$$triked
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:so btw consider mega regn + wood?
[Allies]MUCKY:maybe later
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:at this rate, it's the next whoring time to do
[Allies]MUCKY:look at my GUNS
[Allies]MUCKY:1666 dps
[Allies]MUCKY:yeah yeah
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:bill got spy
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:go go
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:FOR GLORY
[All]MUCKY:nice contract q
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:bill is spied
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:well going to get whore wood
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:k getting wood
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:being spied
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:going back
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:for glory
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:hit left
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:hope they don't rush in
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:ah damn
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:come back :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:too dangerous
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:well going to buy a better ship
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:got 16k anyway
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:hit their main
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:suicide on main
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:going to get another rocket bat
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:need 50 asap
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:hit main