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Game 1 - Melee FFA on Maps\Download\TabletopPOC.w3x (00:39:46)

Players :  (Ra), Ricky_Honejasi (O), Theia_Loki (U), ShadowFlare_SFR (Ra),
Observers : Quantum_Menace

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so basically, you get ressource by capturing "nodes"
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:to capture a node, you need to do it with a ground unit
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:right-click on control node to start capturing it
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:your first node is likely to be captured via your workers
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:also barrels and such tend to have items
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:most items can get items, heroes only have 2 item slots too
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:err most units*
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:okay sreg sure managed to let some overpowered items in :p
[All]Quantum_Menace:death to blademasters
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:Q, do check my unit's items
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and notice the 1-2 OP items :p
[All]Theia_Loki:knew it
[All]Quantum_Menace:he has the item that was too powerful for WoS
[All]Quantum_Menace:haven't you found a freaking soul gem yet ricky
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:found a new retarded item :p
[All]Theia_Loki:aw u motherf*cker
[All]Quantum_Menace:ricky did you lose the best item in the game
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:somehow yes
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:can't find it
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:oh well
[All]Theia_Loki:and hks left
[All]Theia_Loki:well, i forced him to
[All]Theia_Loki:i think
[All]Theia_Loki:Bill's on bnet
[All]Theia_Loki:might as well have some fun with the gargoyles
[All]Quantum_Menace:grants the ability to heal a friendly unit. Also TURNS YOUR DUDE INTO A
[All]Theia_Loki:hi SF
[All]Theia_Loki:gonna pick on what's left of Hks' stuff
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so nobody alive right?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:as in really alive
[All]Theia_Loki:maybe SF
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:map still lacking defeat triggers
[All]Quantum_Menace:only theia's gargs
[All]Quantum_Menace:i dont see anything of sf
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:saw ankh of reincarnation on the ground
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so I guess it's gg
[All]Theia_Loki:i guess so
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:back to channel :p

Game 2 - Maps\Download\Creep Arcade 1.29c.w3x (00:09:52)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Computer Difficult (H), Theia_Loki (H), HUNTER_KILLERS (H)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (H), BilltheEmu (H), Quantum_Menace (H), Computer Difficult (H)

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:unpause when done :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:btw careful since it's so much gold, any player attack can be fatal on
our castle
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:the hell?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:the hell? :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:no idea
[All]BilltheEmu:My hero's ultimate
[Allies]BilltheEmu:wtf my ult didn't work that time
[Allies]BilltheEmu:I wanted to shoot HKS
[Allies]BilltheEmu:want to go over tehre?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:could have finished it
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:but wanted a bit of a fight firsrt
[Allies]BilltheEmu:It's fine :P

Game 3 - Melee 4v4 on Maps\Download\Enfos_MT_V190c.w3x (00:19:28)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Ricky_Honejasi (Ra), ShadowFlare_SFR (Ra), Computer Difficult (U)
Team 2 : HUNTER_KILLERS (Ra), Theia_Loki (Ra), Computer Difficult (U), BilltheEmu (Ra)

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:-DX 5
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:shared hero is basically a hero that the whole team can control :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:for even more randomness
[All]Theia_Loki:sounds like fun
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:blue beacons = pickable btw
[All]Theia_Loki:blood dancer isnt pickable. bummer
[All]Theia_Loki:oh well
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:sounds good
[All]Theia_Loki:hks! MOVE!!!!
[All]Theia_Loki:thnk u
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:Why did you get trader?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:kind of cared to be support
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:so ... ill also use empath?
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:I suppose
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:gah wrong first empath skill
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:darkrift :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:not picking the right skill for empath can make a royal difference
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:aka picking self-regen instead of healing
[Allies]ShadowFlare_SFR:I also needed to pick a hero. :P
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:gonna control 2nd again :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:use pot?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:mana stole him
[All]HUNTER_KILLERS:why would you mana burn a TREE
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:for fun?
[All]Theia_Loki:0_0 damn
[All]HUNTER_KILLERS:anyways, ulduar time again
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:think it's some wow area
[All]Theia_Loki:damn not again
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:oh well, back to channel

Game 4 - Maps\Download\Castle_Fight_v1.14b_post124.w3x (00:12:00)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Theia_Loki (N)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (U), Quantum_Menace (U)

[All]Theia_Loki:what modes?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:yeah, just the 4 of us since HKS left and I don't know about Bill
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:any mode is fine to me except nukes :p
[All]Theia_Loki:I've no idea what else to pick
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:it's -itX
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:for income
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:X = number
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:like -it5 for income 5
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:fast but not too fast :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:since 2 goes horribly wrong quickly :p
[All]Theia_Loki:that all?
[All]Quantum_Menace:youve played 2?
[All]Theia_Loki:nvm then
[All]Theia_Loki:i have zero idea what each mode does
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:oh, dow went online, might as well try to get him in
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and he said yes :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:although with him, it could be anywhere from now to never :p
[All]Theia_Loki:oh well
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:back to channel to pick up dow
[All]Theia_Loki:back to channel?

Game 5 - Maps\Download\Castle_Fight_v1.14b_post124.w3x (00:41:57)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Q= (N)Taospark (N),
Team 2 : Theia_Loki (U), Quantum_Menace (U)

[All]Taospark:I'm not wearing any pants.
[All]Q=:guess -rr3 will be fine tao :p
[All]Q=:so eventually Mucky will get in and we will enjoy his newest version of
TGS :p
[Allies]Q=:btw build on top :p
[All]Theia_Loki:just a sec. going to be afk for a moment
[Allies]Q=:holding to get 150 gold for a staff
[Allies]Q=:meh we will probably have to use a rescue strike
[All]Theia_Loki:vampires...or not
[Allies]Q=:oh gosh
[Allies]Q=:no wonder we are losing, those things got cleave
[Allies]Q=:aka mass killing your wolves
[Allies]Taospark:My wolves have cleave now too
[Allies]Q=:those murloc assasins does cleave :p
[Allies]Q=:oh well :p
[All]Theia_Loki:overrunnin ya
[All]Taospark:Wolves are failure
[All]Q=:yep :p
[Allies]Q=:guess ill try assasins for the heck of it
[All]Theia_Loki:aw assassins. you bugger
[Allies]Q=:btw careful dow since Q intend to get the anti-air rifles
[Allies]Q=:so time to switch from air to something else
[Allies]Taospark:Thought you went AFK
[Allies]Q=:plus this map makes you auto-afk if you are truly afk for too long anyw
[Allies]Taospark:I hit their Castle
[All]Q=:that's special :p
[All]Q=:666 AND 69 in one
[All]Q=:mass evil loladins
[All]Theia_Loki:pile of dead guyz
[All]Theia_Loki:sweet boney goodness
[All]Taospark:Oh well, I got to shoot your base
[All]Theia_Loki:good thing I didnt get undead again
[All]Theia_Loki:else it'd be deja vu 3 times in a row
[Allies]Q=:hmm do strike
[Allies]Q=:doing it
[Allies]Q=:my dragon was a horrible, horrible idea :p
[Allies]Q=:like worst idea ever
[Allies]Q=:it has heavy armor
[Allies]Q=:and they have like only magic damage
[All]Q=:oh well gg :p
[All]Theia_Loki:back to channel?

Game 6 - Maps\Download\TGSRevised0.44b.w3x (00:47:12)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Theia_Loki (H), Computer Difficult (H), Ricky_Honejasi (H)
Team 2 : MUCKY (O), Quantum_Menace (O), Computer Difficult (O)

[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:guess ill try to go black arrows
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:btw I do see the sum that you send :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:in wc3, it's very clear :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:in sc2, it's much less :p
[Allies]Theia_Loki:not getting any sound for some reason
[Allies]Theia_Loki:and i mean so sound at all
[Allies]Theia_Loki:cept form vent
[Allies]Theia_Loki:k thnx
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:if I can't get it, you won't get the coin! :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so how much gold you managed to get?>
[All]MUCKY:30 per skeleton
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:blame your infernal :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:you were so close
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:you were so close
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:he was just in theway for like 0.5 sec
[All]MUCKY:i would WANT him chasing you because he has immolation
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:ah right :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:ah right :p
[All]MUCKY:war stomp is dealing no damage
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:coming for bot
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:oh well gg