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Game 1 - Maps\Download\island defense 3.0.6e.w3x (00:11:48)

Team 1 : иш (Ra), Quantum_Menace (O), JademusSreg (O)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (U)

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:oh yeah
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:you can poke my middle for gold
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:while I search for you around
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:ill find you :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:ILL KILL YOU ALL
[All]JademusSreg:This seems pretty silly.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and now it revealed your locations
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:PREPARE FOR DOOM
[All]JademusSreg:This is shitty, then.

Game 2 - Melee 4v2 on Maps\Download\Colony Builders 1.02D.w3x (00:26:30)

Team 1 : иш (Ra), Ricky_Honejasi (H), JademusSreg (Ra), Theia_Loki (Ra)
Team 2 : Computer Difficult (U), Computer Difficult (H)

[All]JademusSreg:Oh yea.
[All]JademusSreg:The zeppelin based selection is shitty.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:how so?
[All]JademusSreg:Otherwise, I know nothing about this game.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:I already tried an earlier version of that map that was okay but it was
kind of flawed
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:like if you knew what to do, you could easily like 10x in advance of ot
[All]JademusSreg:Fucking piece of shit won't land.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:you really need to aim for the "landing zone" thingy
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:as in that looks like a zeppelin
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:not too well explained
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and you need to hold for like 10 sec
[All]JademusSreg:Hi Ricky!
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:try top-left of map
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:for landing
[All]JademusSreg:I've already seen everyone else's starting positions.
[All]JademusSreg:Also, Observe on Defeat should be on every map.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:sorry forgot :p
[All]JademusSreg:Fucking idiot designers based the landing on possession. Like they don'
t know how to script.
[All]JademusSreg:Or even GUI.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:for troops, the buildings probably need some auto-retrain feature :p
[All]JademusSreg:Man, this is shit.
[All]JademusSreg:Icons, very much so.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:heh, what are your opinions? Q and loki. :p
[All]JademusSreg:They haven't heard of passive borders?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:btw if you are on ally chat, I can't hear you
[All]JademusSreg:Infantry counters Cavalry?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:something like that I guess
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:also kind of dislike when it auto-presume the worst case when your pare
nt empire asks for your stuff :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:like 5 sec later
[All]JademusSreg:So many options, none of it seems intuitive.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:my hero is kind of useless :p
[All]JademusSreg:Hell, Snap Dragons deal Normal melee. wtf
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:like it got revive
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:but ... I got undead troops
[All]JademusSreg:Tech tree is all over the fucking place....
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:as necro hero, I somehow got divine shield
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:which I tank up on towers
[All]JademusSreg:It does not make sense: Infantry > Cavalry?!
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so continue or quit? :p
[All]JademusSreg:I love to hate.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:epic escape
[All]Theia_Loki:got no gold
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:imperial forces are killing me :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so gg

Game 3 - Maps\Download\rc601 1.17 protected.w3x (00:08:22)

Team 1 : иш (Ra), Ricky_Honejasi (N), Theia_Loki (N), JademusSreg (N)
Team 2 : Computer Difficult (H)
Team 3 : Computer Difficult (U)

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and yeah, radio sound is annoying
[All]JademusSreg:So far, pretty stupid.
[Allies]JademusSreg:Especially the msg sounds.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and somehow lost the tooltips :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:can't see any
[Allies]Theia_Loki:ennough already?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:"you have 0 seconds to load a character"
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:still can't see my tooltips :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so back to channel? :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:since even if we push, we will be in a big disavantage just to not be a
ble to see the damn tooltips
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:also this map should have vision :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:since it's more "RPG"-like
[All]JademusSreg:Hell no.
[All]JademusSreg:Most of the approved maps are outdated due to return bug fix.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:which is annoying :p
[All]JademusSreg:Rescue me!
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:don't know how :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:epic deth
[Allies]Theia_Loki:tried to be funny
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:it sucked anyway
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:back to channel

Game 4 - Maps\Download\Bleach vs One Piece v2.08b.w3x (00:19:35)

Team 1 : иш (Ra), Quantum_Menace (H), BilltheEmu (H)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (N), JademusSreg (N)

[All]Quantum_Menace:like sreg said, he loves to hate
[All]JademusSreg:This would be even more epic with Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.
[All]JademusSreg:Mystic Staff description.
[All]JademusSreg:Enigmatic staff made of only the most expensive crystals in DotA.
[All]BilltheEmu:EUL TIME
[All]BilltheEmu:oh sorry
[Allies]JademusSreg:I need 1200 gold. =P
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:can't give
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:rehost for SF?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:not the kind of map for a 3v2 :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:in a 3v3, it could be interresting
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:btw if you talk in ally chat, I can't hear
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:bankai was still on cooldown

Game 5 - Maps\Download\Bleach vs One Piece v2.08b.w3x (01:06:18)

Team 1 : иш (Ra), Quantum_Menace (H), ShadowFlare_SFR (H)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (N), Theia_Loki (N), JademusSreg (N)

[All]ShadowFlare_SFR:I then installed windows updates and shut it down instead of restarting
[All]ShadowFlare_SFR:So I could remove my wireless network card.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:sudden creep spawns can hurt
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:the fuck?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:it was like our highest vs their lowest
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:why the heck they would be afk?
[All]ShadowFlare_SFR:Too many items to look through.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:unless they don't want to play this map on purpose
[All]JademusSreg:wtf Bill
[All]Theia_Loki:love that vari
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:how you managed to do that?
[All]Theia_Loki:is it worth saying that I love enel's vari?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:heh :p
[All]Quantum_Menace:whats a vari
[All]Theia_Loki:lightning stunt of enel's
[All]Theia_Loki:from jap pronounciation of lighting's sound
[All]Theia_Loki:translated to bzzt
[All]Theia_Loki:in english
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:checking items
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:and kind of giving them a chance to poke creeps
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:impossible! *evil voice*
[All]JademusSreg:How the hell are you doing that Bill?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:stuns save you :p
[All]JademusSreg:Bill hax
[All]Theia_Loki:almost had him
[All]Theia_Loki:Raidou'd ya
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:owned by NPC
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:got my ult
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:black moon slash
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:it's useful
[Allies]JademusSreg:Requires Bankai? WHAHAA?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:kind of normal for an ultimate
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:basically you need to be in bankai form to use your ult
[All]JademusSreg:wtf Is a Bankai?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:some kind of "ascented" form of your weapon
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:that usually take effect on your own character
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:Bleach series thingy
[All]JademusSreg:Bill is pure evil.
[All]JademusSreg:Are there people who play this long enough to get 30 medals?!
[All]Theia_Loki:no idea
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:kind of annoying when I lack bankai to use my ult or vice-versa :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:13, used like 6 so far
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:wonder what the winning condition in this
[All]JademusSreg:150 score.
[All]JademusSreg:We have 49.
[All]JademusSreg:Do not want.
[All]ShadowFlare_SFR:oh, I changed the terrain.
[All]Quantum_Menace:stop torturing me
[All]Quantum_Menace:stupid game
[All]Quantum_Menace:keeps picking me
[All]ShadowFlare_SFR:That spell is called "Ice Age"
[All]Quantum_Menace:rggg DONT PICK ME
[All]JademusSreg:I've been afk for a while.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:who's teal already? :p
[All]Theia_Loki:dang sreg
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:her character's kicks looks damn sissy espacially when ice miraculously
comes out of it :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so I guess we will poke until Mucky arrives
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:hell :p
[All]Quantum_Menace:i hate that
[All]Quantum_Menace:why do you torture meeeee
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:epic lawl
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:ice age is so evil
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:dammit :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:what happened?
[All]Quantum_Menace:arthritas happened
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:okay, let's leave :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:mucky is here

Game 6 - Maps\Download\TGSRevised0.45a.w3x (00:31:53)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Ricky_Honejasi (H), Computer Difficult (H),
Team 2 : Theia_Loki (O), JademusSreg (O), BilltheEmu (O), Computer Difficult (O), Quantum_Menace (O)

[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:I guess ill aoe magic
[All]BilltheEmu:My lag is AWFUL AAAAAAAA
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:pooly :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:is everyone else's lag is fine or awful?
[All]BilltheEmu:This is unplayable for me :(
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:to the worst, mucky could host
[All]Theia_Loki:I'm alright
[All]Quantum_Menace:MY BIRDS
[All]Theia_Loki:my nukes
[All]BilltheEmu:I have, like, a 2-3 second delay
[All]JademusSreg:So do I. =P
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:you should have told us
[All]Quantum_Menace:any ideas
[All]JademusSreg:Pfft. I don't care.
[All]BilltheEmu:I DID :P
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:I thought Bill's connection was just bad all of a sudden
[All]Theia_Loki:about less than half a second of a delay
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:for bill yes but not for sreg
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so rehost?
[All]JademusSreg:My latency has always been this bad.
[All]Quantum_Menace:rehost or not? best to decide now
[All]BilltheEmu:If it's just me, then we can keep going, I guess
[All]BilltheEmu:No guarantee that it can be fixed
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:at this rate, not really I guess
[All]Theia_Loki:-unlearn Dark Ritual
[All]JademusSreg:Haha SF.
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:coming for bottom
[All]JademusSreg:I saw that Mucky.
[All]JademusSreg:Because I suck.
[All]JademusSreg:I know,
[All]Quantum_Menace:hello terenasaurus alan
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:well gg :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:DoW can join the game
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:unless you add aoe, they do
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:as splash
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:err cleaving
[All]BilltheEmu:They're effective at tanking
[All]BilltheEmu:But that's about it
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:like bash could be more useful
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:usually skipped bash since it either sucked at stunning long enough or
at having extra damage
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and I guess you kind of have to add divine shield to make most tank bui
lds viable
[All]BilltheEmu:You don't need divine shield
[All]BilltheEmu:Not tanking

Game 7 - Maps\Download\TGSRevised0.45a.w3x (00:43:05)

Team 1 : иш (Ra), Computer Difficult (H), MUCKY (H), ShadowFlare_SFR (H)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (O), Quantum_Menace (O), Taospark (O), Computer Difficult (O)

[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh right, dow is still afk :p
[Allies]Taospark:I'm here
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:pooly :p
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:i call endurance
[Allies]Taospark:Going topside
[All]Taospark:I suicide bombered
[All]MUCKY:what, neither of you saw that?
[All]MUCKY:just walked up to me
[All]MUCKY:and blew himself up
[All]Taospark:Leveled up from it too
[All]Quantum_Menace:oh and i think learning disarm is broken
[Allies]Taospark:He realized I was going to suicide him
[All]Taospark:Does my timer go up every time I suicide bomb?
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:-unlearn Unholy Aura
[All]MUCKY:no it goes by level
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:mucky got some kind of wind walk
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:or maybe invis pots
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:on top of having an orb of frost
[All]Taospark:HP Check?
[All]MUCKY:yall in for a treat now
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:that let me get tomes without arrgoing hydras
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:yeah really need a gem of true sight now
[Allies]Taospark:On it
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:yeah, lost a direct 5 wood and didn't get weapon break :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:which I kind of badly needed vs you mucky
[Allies]Taospark:Opened up middle lane
[Allies]Taospark:Took out 2 Archers
[Allies]Taospark:And last one is 300 HP
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:was lucky
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:-unlearn Fire Nova
[Allies]Taospark:Got the Barracks down
[All]Quantum_Menace:lol mucky blocked by a sheep
[All]Taospark:YOU WON"T GET ME
[All]MUCKY:i barely even hurt you
[All]Taospark:I know
[All]Taospark:But was out of mana
[Allies]Taospark:Barracks is down again
[All]MUCKY:also why is alliance getting raped all of a sudden
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:no idea
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:other than trying to hope on bloodlust + taurens
[All]Quantum_Menace:i suspect the collision changed let units get bang ganged by horde mele
e, especially with horde's move bonuses
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:also I went shockwave + that other aoe spell
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:shockwave helps a lot vs buildings
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and I tried to 2-shot buildings too

Game 8 - Maps\Download\CHA_Revolutions_beta11.w3x (00:46:05)

Team 1 : иш (Ra), Taospark (H), JademusSreg (H)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (H), Quantum_Menace (H), BilltheEmu (H)

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:wtf 1 minute? :p
[All]Taospark:3 minutes
[All]Taospark:1:30 is to set game options
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:wheres the taverns again
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:don't know :p
[All]Quantum_Menace:i lost track of the taverns:P
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:already picked my hero
[All]Taospark:Bottom middle
[All]Taospark:I love these random names
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:fark, screwed myself in terms of skills :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:like picked an innate + skill that got the same coodlwon :p
[All]Taospark:I did that once too
[All]Taospark:Items can compensate for bag picks
[All]Taospark:30 seconds remain now.
[All]Quantum_Menace:where do you get exceptional orbs
[All]Taospark:They are at Power items and at each element house
[All]Taospark:You get the base orb by killing an enemy
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:yeah both skills based on the same one :p
[All]BilltheEmu:yay ShadowFlare
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:max skill level?
[All]Taospark:4 for Ult
[All]Taospark:Items are usually cloaks, shields, weapons, and armor
[All]Taospark:You can only have 1 shield and 1 weapon
[All]Taospark:Sell it
[All]Taospark:Haha, saved by the duel
[Allies]BilltheEmu:look at my hero
[All]Taospark:This has a different pace from most other hero UMS if you notice
[All]JademusSreg:wtf, seaweed in an icy pond?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:how's the sword tiny tim?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:gosh, evil crits :p
[All]Taospark:MULTI KILL
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:ricky quit going off by yourself
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:theyre ahead cause they stay together
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:meh wondering what we are doing that is so wrong :p
[All]Taospark:Look at my character's items
[Allies]BilltheEmu:they are five levels above us, too
[All]Taospark:I also picked a very cheap ULT
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:I see
[All]Taospark:But you can block it with Spell Absorption
[All]Quantum_Menace:which item is taht
[All]Taospark:Warrior's Token
[All]Taospark:+1K HP and 30% attack rate
[All]Taospark:It does
[All]Taospark:By more
[All]Taospark:But you get a sword that has 50% crit
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:bah damn auto-follow :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:trying to see items
[All]Taospark:By the way
[All]Taospark:A common strategy is if you are losing duels
[All]Taospark:is to gank the other team between duels
[All]Taospark:to beef up your kill total
[All]Quantum_Menace:not likely o work
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:since you are always together :p
[All]JademusSreg:Not me.
[All]Taospark:Shouldn't have told you that, heh
[All]Taospark:Bill's hero is funny
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:wished I didn't have frenzy issues
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:although I might kick your ass horribly
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:if I didn't have frenzy issues
[All]JademusSreg:Oh no.
[All]Taospark:Q, wake up
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:as in shared skills
[All]BilltheEmu:Where do you get the Eternal Orb?
[All]Taospark:Eternal Orb is at Power Items
[All]BilltheEmu:Q nooooooooooooooooooooo
[All]Taospark:Omega Orb recipe is at Mid Game Recipes 2
[All]Taospark:2v2 duels
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:well constant disc issues :p
[All]BilltheEmu:Right, Omega
[All]BilltheEmu:gg :P
[All]BilltheEmu:I AM ALIVE
[All]JademusSreg:[trash talk here]
[All]Taospark:Q is back