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Game 1 - Maps\Download\Warlock093.w3x (00:20:09)

Team 1 :  (Ra)Ricky_Honejasi (H),
Team 2 : Theia_Loki (H), JademusSreg (H), ShadowFlare_SFR (H),

[All]Theia_Loki:oh shoot. I forgot about modes
[All]JademusSreg:12 rounds of this...
[All]JademusSreg:Why the fuck am I yellow?!
[All]JademusSreg:My latency is 3 seconds.
[All]JademusSreg:Eventually, UT sounds will continue to be used when few know where they
came from.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:somehow heh
[All]JademusSreg:6 more rounds, uugh.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:although for UT rounds, it isn't that bad in this map :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:it's bad when you hear it at near every kill :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:espacially when said super player kills the whole enemy team somehow
[All]JademusSreg:This might be more entertaining if my latency were better, or if this w
ere a FPS.
[All]Theia_Loki:back to channel?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:I can quit this :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:yeah but damn slippy
[All]JademusSreg:Well, I can go smoke until it's done.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:probably not
[All]JademusSreg:Also, I'm fucking yellow.
[All]Theia_Loki:back to channel?
[All]JademusSreg:Overall, the map lacks polish. But the gameplay itself looks good, appe
ars mostly skill based.

Game 2 - Melee 2v1v2 on Maps\Download\TabletopPOC.w3x (00:16:39)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Quantum_Menace (O)JademusSreg (Ra),
Team 2 :
Observers : Ricky_Honejasi, ShadowFlare_SFR

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:btw, do you see each other as allied? :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:have fun :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:in your case loki, you will need to bring your best :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:very well :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:protip : you won't win if you are too chicken
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:well with creeps, you can flee :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:with them, they might not let you :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:them implying Q + sreg
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:btw sreg, ghouls can still harvest lumber :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:sorry loki but you were plain too fearful :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and lacked training more units and such
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and sreg is coming as danger vanishes :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:sreg makes a tree to insult
[All]JademusSreg:How many nodes did loki get?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:just 3 total
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:he could have took 4-5 if he didn't stay too much
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:or even 6
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:COW FOUND YOU
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:two cows
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and unfortunaly, they don't give milk
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:they give bruises
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:trees go towards the scared acolyte
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:and he's a goner
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:pretty much gg
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:back to channel minimum for sure :p

Game 3 - Maps\Download\Castle_Fight_v1.14b_post124.w3x (00:43:23)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Q= (N), Frizby (N)
Team 2 : Theia_Loki (U), JademusSreg (U), ShadowFlare_SFR (U)

[All]JademusSreg:One lane.
[All]Q=:-rr2 sI2 -na -nt
[All]Theia_Loki:brb ina sec
[All]Q=:too late
[All]Theia_Loki:sreg! SF!!!
[All]Theia_Loki:oh dear
[All]JademusSreg:Now the tides turns again!
[All]Q=:yeah, it's surprising how it can
[Allies]Q=:ill strike
[Allies]Q=:making tower
[All]ShadowFlare_SFR:I'm going now
[All]Theia_Loki:cmon u stupid bot
[All]Theia_Loki:-bot rs
[All]Q=:rangers ftw
[All]JademusSreg:Yep, gg
[All]Q=:strike last? :p
[All]Theia_Loki:rs quick sreg
[All]JademusSreg:No thanks.
[Allies]Q=:ah for the heck of it
[All]Theia_Loki:quick rs
[All]Q=:it's funny how suicides can be fun :p
[All]Theia_Loki:before it gets worse
[All]Q=:what the, sreg, why did you put that fountain there?
[All]JademusSreg:Why not? =)
[All]Q=:then don't go all gloom and doom for this specific match
[All]JademusSreg:I'm always doom, not gloom.
[All]JademusSreg:NO! They can't have it. It's mine.
[All]Q=:epic suicide accomplished
[All]Theia_Loki:RS BOT!!!!
[All]JademusSreg:doesi t make a difference?
[All]Theia_Loki:it does
[All]Q=:well back to channel I guess :p

Game 4 - Maps\Download\Bleach vs One Piece v2.08b.w3x (00:28:49)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Ricky_Honejasi (H)
Team 2 : Theia_Loki (N), Frizby (N)

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:my hero's bankai kind of suck :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:oh awesome :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:evil combo :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:just that it take some time to do it
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:in mid-duel
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:owned by creeps :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so where's frizby?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:somehow I think frizby went afk out of boredom or something
[All]Theia_Loki:i guess
[All]Theia_Loki:lol at ero statue
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:lawl killed frizby in his base
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:my ult got such a long range
[All]Theia_Loki:vari time
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:frizby, you still there?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:yeah 2 skills combo
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:not sure if my hero is plain overpowered
[All]Theia_Loki:might be
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:at least in early to mid game
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:since we know that in late game, it's always the one with the most dex
or such
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:in such kind of maps
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:tried to use my ult on you :p
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:but it still had cooldown
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so yeah, let's back to channel
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:2v1 will be boring

Game 5 - Maps\Download\Creep Arcade 1.30b.w3x (00:21:02)

Team 1 :  (Ra), Computer Difficult (H), Frizby (H), Quantum_Menace (H)
Team 2 : Ricky_Honejasi (H), Taospark (H), Theia_Loki (H), Computer Difficult (H)

[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:so basically dow
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:the main goal is to kill the other side's castle
[All]Frizby:would SH be ok?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:although otherwise if the time is up, it's the total points that counts

[All]Ricky_Honejasi:SH being?
[All]Quantum_Menace:how do you start
[All]Taospark:Is it like DotA/TGS?
[All]Frizby:Same Hero
[All]Taospark:With lanes etc.?
[All]Theia_Loki:you start off picking a hero, then there's some options on the castle t
hat spawn creeps in your area
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:either is fine
[All]Frizby:warp cooldown?
[All]Theia_Loki:spawn too many creep portals and you're screwed like I did first time I
played this
[All]Quantum_Menace:how do you start
[All]Taospark:Creep Portals?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:unpause when ready
[All]Theia_Loki:portals that spawn creeps
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:you can create and uncreate creep portals
[All]Theia_Loki:depending on what creep spawns you pick
[All]Quantum_Menace:whats id do
[All]Taospark:Which cost money I assume?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:it's for creeping and leveling up
[All]Taospark:Sec, let me check playlist
[All]Taospark:Had to start Inception soundtrack
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:if you are ready
[All]Quantum_Menace:rock lobster dragon
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:btw to create creeps, it's from your castle
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:to close gates, select it, wait a bit and hit close
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:huh, why a max of 4? :p
[All]Frizby:seems bugged
[All]Frizby:tm should disable it
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:I mean I had an error of 4 then 4 max
[All]Frizby:it's for standard mode
[All]Frizby:but tm should disable it but it didn't
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:going at fountain
[Allies]Taospark:Should I buy Tomes?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:except in ridiculous settings, they suck
[Allies]Taospark:So don't improve our creeps attacking other side until later?
[Allies]Taospark:ala Rabbit vs. Sheep?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:we can get higher creeps
[Allies]Taospark:What's that fire coming down?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:but we need to be able to kill them
[Allies]Taospark:Special spell?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:my ultimate
[Allies]Taospark:How do you pick up potions or are they only for hero that killed carryi
ng creep?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:with hero selected
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:btw dow, it's possible to warp into their area
[Allies]Taospark:I saw
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:it;s the method to kil ltheir castle
[Allies]Taospark:but not sure about strategy
[Allies]Taospark:i.e. late game or early game?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:early game = usually creep
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:also a game lasts 20 min
[Allies]Taospark:So don't warp until later?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:and we played 9 min
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:so usually battles starts around the 12-15 min mark
[Allies]Theia_Loki:savin up my airstrike
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:changing to gnolls
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:errr wolves
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:well we in the disavtange point-wise so we will have to attack soon
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:INTO THEIR BASES
[Allies]Taospark:How do I revive?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:Prepare to defend
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:they will strike :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:go go
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:wolves back
[Allies]Taospark:Aura is only vs. Creeps?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:think so
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:charge in again :p
[Allies]Taospark:Back in a sec
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:quick :p
[Allies]Theia_Loki:too late
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:more points I believe
[Allies]Theia_Loki:is mucky on yet?
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:than us

Game 6 - Maps\Download\TGSRevised0.46a~1.w3x (00:35:04)

Team 1 :  (Ra), MUCKY (H), Theia_Loki (H), Frizby (H), Computer Difficult (H)
Team 2 : Quantum_Menace (O), Ricky_Honejasi (O), Taospark (O), JademusSreg (O), Computer Difficult (O)

[All]MUCKY:i just realized that i forgot to fix disarm
[All]Quantum_Menace:and the unlearn bug
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:that's more critical :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:going to try melee build again
[All]Frizby:maybe we should start with 4 lumber
[All]Frizby:for 2 spells
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:could be interresting
[All]JademusSreg:I agree.
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:going to try defensive plau
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:oh right this ver doesnt have lavaspawn :(
[Allies]JademusSreg:I'm getting bear, boar, command aura, endurance, and vampiric.
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:i got endurance
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:fine take it
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:-unlearn Endurance Aura
[All]MUCKY:nice quilbeast BAM
[Allies]JademusSreg:-unlearn Unholy Aura
[Allies]JademusSreg:Ipooled to Q
[Allies]JademusSreg:And we're getting fucked up in the south.
[Allies]JademusSreg:No hope of repelling them.
[Allies]JademusSreg:Someone at a higher level needs to take bottom.
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:kind of busy trying to hold middle :p
[Allies]JademusSreg:On my way there.
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:bah forging your way to take middle
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:oh well
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:-unlearn Critical Strike
[Allies]JademusSreg:Who wants gold?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:trying to get troops to push them back
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:next time give it earlier :p
[Allies]Taospark:Hate Blizzard
[Allies]JademusSreg:I made that in like 1 minute.
[Allies]JademusSreg:This is loooking bad.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:what the heck
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:oh nvm
[Allies]JademusSreg:How the hell are we being overwhelmed by creeps in the middle?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:would normally hold middle but
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:often stuck to defend bottom
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:on top of it, I am fairly sure we are under-trooped
[Allies]JademusSreg:Seems that way.
[Allies]JademusSreg:My build only works in support.
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:same :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:kind of lacking direct skills this time
[All]JademusSreg:Stand directly in a flamestrike, die, right?
[Allies]Taospark:Q and I can repulse them up time
[Allies]Taospark:up top*
[All]JademusSreg:How the fuck are your alliance creeps beating us?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:like I said under-trooped
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:on top that in middle, often no hero
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:from what I seen
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:or so
[Allies]JademusSreg:I just got killed again.
[Allies]JademusSreg:When I'm there, I provide 3 auras.
[Allies]JademusSreg:Which usually makes our troops an unstoppable wave.
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:okay who among are AoE or such?
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:otherwise we have no hope to win
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:and better up to surrender
[Allies]Taospark:I have CL
[Allies]Quantum_Menace:acid bomb
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:aka not much :p
[Allies]Ricky_Honejasi:so yeah, let's surrender, I tend to prefer to hold but it's obvious thi
s game
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:gg, I surrender :p
[Allies]JademusSreg:Something doesn't seem right.
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:more than obvious than 2 of middle did blew up
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:when 2*
[All]Quantum_Menace:lets check their lumber score
[All]Ricky_Honejasi:so early on

Game 7 - Melee 3v3

Team 1 : Ricky_Honejasi, BilltheEmu, Taospark
Team 2 : HoRc-, ShutUpNoobs, You_Ugly_Fuckers